Blue as a hue!

You might have heard at some point in your life; Blue is the warmest colour. Indeed! It is.

Belonging to a family of cool colours, giving you a cosy effect. Isn’t it warm?

What is more relaxing than coming back home from a tiring day, and just jumping on a piece of furniture which is lying around. Maybe a bed or couch. Doesn’t matter. But, blue- it’s the colour of the soul. It relaxes your mind and soothes your body in each and every aspect.

We have a lot to experiment with this particular colour, there are different shades of blue, and different textures which we can try out. And the best part about blue is that it is a dark colour and it saves your furniture from mess or spillage or getting dirty.

You can use the blue colour in varieties! When it comes to interiors!

#Navy blue walls

What is better than painting your wall in navy blue, it gives you a calming effect. And if used properly with sufficient whites, a blue pop up really well. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that blue is a very dark colour, so, if there is no sufficient sunlight in the room, space might look very dull and dark. With blue, you need a sufficient amount of sunlight as well.


Accessories to the house are equally important, as much as we give importance to furniture. It gives your house a complete look and adds volume to space. Where we very well know white adds space to the room and blue adds up the depth. So, the combination of blue and white just go as perfect with each other giving depth to your space.


On the busy days, you need furniture to hop on, whereas on lazy days you want to be like a sloth. Whatever the reason or days are, you need your comfort in the furniture. And what could be better than blue furniture calming your body and mind in those laziest days? Blue is the feeling which can never go wrong no matter how do you use it.


Though blue is not a very common colour for wardrobes or any shutters, you can’t imagine the rich look it adds up to space. It gives your space royal look and if it’s a kid’s bedroom, that’s like a cherry on the cake. scratches are less visible and those cute drawings which looks good on the papers though and not on the wall or the wardrobe.

Everyone needs a change. But changing furniture overnight sounds quite unreal. Why not play with navy blue, and I’m sure the results would amaze you. Change your cushions, curtains sheer no matter what. Add blue to house add life to your homes.

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