Fashion News : Importance of Saree in India

Saree has always been the most popular, loved and "always on trend" fashion in India. Besides saree being a formal dress, it has always been a garment that adds beauty and elegance to an Indian woman. As India is a country of cultures and festivals, different types of sarees are worn to suit each occasion.

Sarees are categorized into different categories in accordance with the materials, designs, and textures.

Cotton sarees:

Women mostly prefer to wear cotton sarees for daily use as casual wear as they are lightweight and easily washable.

Chiffon sarees:

Chiffon is a lightweight and very flowy kind of material that provides elegant flows in the saree drape. It is easier to wear as creating pleats and folds takes very little effort. These are mostly used for casual evening wear.

Silk sarees:

Silk sarees are mostly used for South Indian weddings. They are considered a sign of royalty and wealth. Silk sarees are very heavy compared to other saree materials and are difficult to clean.

Designer sarees:

Designer sarees are sarees that are not manufactured in mass, they are limited to just a few pieces for production and women wear these sarees for parties and special occasions.

Wedding/Bridal sarees:

These are the sarees worn by brides for their engagement and wedding. These sarees have heavy handwork or embroidery.

In Indian culture, sarees are preferred too much that in many households it's mandatory for women to wear saree. Also in many workplaces, they have uniform code as saree for women. As in today's generation, many of the women do not know how to drape a saree or are not able to do it quickly. For these women, designers have created pre-stitched saree to save time and all the hassle. These sarees have pleats and Pallas pre-made, you just have to wrap it around and it can be worn in less than a minute. Thy is easily available in many online stores and many saree shops too.

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